Karina Taoughlist Profile

Karina Taoughlist – Cork

Hi, my names Karina!

I’m originally from France but I live in Cork, and love it there.

A little bit about me

I love living in Cork, I enjoy good food, drama, dancing, craft work, spending time outdoors, the sea – I love to walk barefoot on the beach, being with friends and having a good laugh is the remedy to everything.


Preserving our ecosystem, natural remedies, meditation and yoga. I dislike racism, sexism, inequity and any form of judging others.


I am a Life Coach graduate and my career has been in Teaching and IT, I love working with teenagers and children, and have many years.

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Karina Taoughlist Profile

Karina Taoughlist

Originally from France but living in Cork and loving it!

Teresa Argue Profile

Teresa Argue

Living in Cork. Love music!

Carol Mcguinness Profile

Carol McGuinness

Sporty, living in Dublin but still a Cavan woman deep down!

Nina Fitzpatrick Profile

Nina Fitzpatrick

Love chilling out with my son Jack and a nice meal!