The Confidence Clinic was borne from the need to empower and give courage and confidence to Children and Teens.

There are many issues that can trouble our children and teens, it is not always easy to help them, or to get them to listen to us adults. The Confidence Clinic has various tools which encourage children and teens to speak openly and be part of the solution, it's often easier for them to speak to a stranger, or use an online tool, the focus on finding solutions that they are happy to try. If you'd like to know more please read about coaching on the Coaching page or contact us.


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The Skill of Listening


Listening is a skill that we don’t spend enough time learning and focusing on and as a result we don’t teach our children how to …

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Mindfulness – Mind your Mind


There is a huge buzz about the word ‘mindfulness’ at the moment. It’s everywhere! In fact, the practice of being mindful goes back a long long …

Mindfulness – Mind your Mind Read More »

How to Find Happiness


  Ever feel like doing something good or helping others out and then when you find an opportunity to do it, you feel delighted with …

How to Find Happiness Read More »

Relax, listen and be true to yourself


From time to time, we have to make decisions about our life – sometimes they are not straightforward or easy – should you leave collage or your …

Relax, listen and be true to yourself Read More »

Life Coaching – what’s it all about?


Since I’ve become a qualified Personal and Business Coach, I find myself deep in passionate conversations about Coaching. Completing the course, studying the topic and …

Life Coaching – what’s it all about? Read More »


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