The Confidence Clinic's goal is to empower Children and Teens to live happier and more confident lives.

The Confidence Clinic is based on Life Coaching techniques and philosophies. We carry out one to one life coaching sessions and also run workshops, summer camps and online courses. We have 2 clinics in North and South County Dublin but we are growing and hope to have many more. There are many issues that can trouble our children and teens, it is not always easy to help them, or to get them to listen to us adults. The Confidence Clinic has various tools which encourage children and teens to speak openly and be part of the solution, it's often easier for them to speak to a stranger, or use an online tool, the focus on finding solutions that they are happy to try. If you'd like to know more please read about coaching on the Coaching page or click here. Our summer camps are getting more and more popular and you can read more about them here. 


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Dealing with Anger – preteen & teenage years


My darling sweet little girl is turning into an angry, cheeky monster! How are will I survive the teenage years! I have had so many …

Dealing with Anger – preteen & teenage years Read More »

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Homework and Kids


I decided to write a little about CBT as its talked about a lot these days and if you haven’t heard of it then you’re …

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Homework and Kids Read More »

Back to School Anxiety


It’s that time of year again… for some kids it’s exciting, perhaps a new school, a new teacher, new classroom… new books! For many it’s …

Back to School Anxiety Read More »

Your Kids Are Amazing!


I have been busy doing mindfulness & life lessons workshops in schools around the country, various parts of Dublin, Cork and Galway over the last …

Your Kids Are Amazing! Read More »

Don’t let Exam Stress affect your Performance


It is that time of year…. a few days away from the State Exams in Ireland. There are thousands of people across the country stressed …

Don’t let Exam Stress affect your Performance Read More »

The Gratitude Attitude – A Parents Guide


The gratitude attitude is about switching from ‘poor me’ to ‘lucky me’ – not living in ‘victim’ mode (such as life’s not fair, this bad …

The Gratitude Attitude – A Parents Guide Read More »


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