The Confidence Clinic's goal is to empower Children and Teens to live happier and more confident lives.

The Confidence Clinic is based on Life Coaching techniques and philosophies. We carry out one to one life coaching sessions and also run workshops, summer camps and online courses. We have 2 clinics in North and South County Dublin but we are growing and hope to have many more. There are many issues that can trouble our children and teens, it is not always easy to help them, or to get them to listen to us adults. The Confidence Clinic has various tools which encourage children and teens to speak openly and be part of the solution, it's often easier for them to speak to a stranger, or use an online tool, the focus on finding solutions that they are happy to try. If you'd like to know more please read about coaching on the Coaching page or click here. Our summer camps are getting more and more popular and you can read more about them here. 


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6 Powerful Confidence Building Tools – for Children and Teens


Introduction Before we start, what makes me think I can write a worthwhile blog on this topic? Is it worth reading? Am I an expert? …

6 Powerful Confidence Building Tools – for Children and Teens Read More »

Self Belief


You can do anything you want to do in life, you just have to believe it. Self-belief is a skill that we all need to …

Self Belief Read More »

More about Mothers Guilt


If you are a mother, and you, and like many woman, suffer from mothers guilt, read on, there is a way to end it. Mothers …

More about Mothers Guilt Read More »

Parents Listen Up


Children and Teens need our help as Adults to see that they have great potential and . We, as adults are all too quick to …

Parents Listen Up Read More »

Some people can make you miserable


We all know of people around us that can drive us nuts, really make us angry or annoyed very easily and quickly when they do something. …

Some people can make you miserable Read More »

Study Motivation


I believe as Parents we need to listen more to our children, no matter what their age. I think it helps give our children confidence …

Study Motivation Read More »


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