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The Confidence Club 2023

We are delighted to announce that we will be continuing with our confidence club in 2023 in Skerries. We piloted this 12 week course in Sept this year, as a result of parents asking for an ongoing well being class instead of just a summer camp.

Since then, we have also started running the club in a number of schools privately. Our goal is always to have fun, improve social skills whilst teaching kids valuable life lessons. Whilst every child is different, and picks up different things, we have heard positive feedback from parents of many of the club members.

The club runs from 3-4pm on Mondays in Skerries and covers the following topics:

• Grow your friendships
• Dealing with mean words
• Stand up / Speak up
• Reduce your worries
• Confidence Booster
• The Gratitude Attitude
• Being Focused
• Decision Making
• Drama, rumours & lies
• The Growth Mindset – Keep trying
• Anger and Frustration
• Inner Motivation

We also have fun, play lots of games, do some arts and crafts and finish with a guided meditation. If you would like to book or read more please click here.

We are excited for the future of the Confidence Clinic after the last few tough years of the Covid 19 Pandemic. We know children need help now more than ever, as we see it in our own families, and in the schools we work in.

We would encourage anyone who is considering getting help for their child to look at our one to one Life Coaching services or talk to us about how we can help. 2020 changed our work as we moved to online life coaching helping children from all over Ireland. We are delighted to be building back up our small business and we will release summer camp details in Spring 2023.

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our business.

On behalf of Tracey, Carol and Nina we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2023.

Caoimhe x

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