Carol Mcguinness Profile

Carol McGuinness – Dublin South

Hi, my names Carol!

I’m from Cavan, but I’ve lived in Dublin for 25 years.

My 3 children are Dubs at heart and I now support the Dubs except when they play Cavan! I love helping children and teens, and I believe that when you learn Life Skills at a young age it benefits you for the rest of your life.

A little bit about me

I enjoy acting in an amateur drama group called Acting Out. I play Gaelic football and also enjoy playing table tennis, badminton, squash and racketball. I also play the drums. I enjoy writing poems or changing words to songs and acting them out for people on special occasions


I love Rugby and the 6 Nations is my favourite rugby season of the year. I like The Wild Atlantic Way, a good thriller or movie. I also enjoy the Theatre, watching improv and there’s nothing better than watching a good magic act.


I have been a Professional Life Coach since 2006. I qualified with a diploma in Life Coaching with the Irish Life Coach Institute in 2005. I am also a Certified Master NLP Practitioner and a qualified Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnotherapist.


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Carol Mcguinness Profile

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