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Nina Fitzpatrick - Dublin

Hi, my name is Nina!

I’m from Artane in Dublin but I live in Malahide with my young son Jack. I love Malahide as I get to walk by the sea. I have been working with the Confidence Clinic helping run Summer Camps and getting involved in Workshops. I've always loved being around children and find it very easy to connect with them. The combination of energy, fun and learning on the Confidence Clinic Summer Camps is very special. Ive loved running Summer Camps, not to mention Halloween and Mid Term Camps. 

A little bit about me

I love people, my favourite hobby has to be chatting with people! 
Dislikes: small spaces, lifts etc 


I love being outdoors, preferably by the sea. I also love boating, hiking, yummy food. Chilling outdoors in the sunshine with a glass of wine and a good book! I've been involved in scuba diving, gospel choirs and I love to travel and meet new people.


My Professional background and degree is Human Resources, I also love to Train people and facilitate workshops. I’m happiest when I’m talking in front of a crowd. I discovered life coaching in 2011 and have been coaching people ever since. I want to help children and teens to be happier in their everyday lives. 

Meet our team

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Caoimhe O’Grady Tegart

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Carol McGuinness

Sporty, living in Dublin but still a Cavan woman deep down!

Nina Fitzpatrick Profile

Nina Fitzpatrick

Love chilling out with my son Jack and a nice meal!

Tracey Blanchfield

Tracey Blanchfield

Living in Kildare, I love music, travelling and a good book!

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