April 2018

'Thank you so much for all the help you have given her these past weeks. It's so wonderful and such a relief to see, as if a weight has been lifted from her little shoulders. The difference now that she can walk away from any stress or drama and not carry it with her is fantastic. We really appreciate it. Thanks again!'

October 2017

'Caoimhe I can't thank you enough for helping (son's name), he's now like a different child, he is confident going into school, he has more friends and mostly he's happy when he comes home, no more tears thank God. He has come such a long way in a few weeks. He doesn't have the same hang ups and hardly cares what anyone thinks, he's no longer the one thing I worry about morning noon and night.'

Feedback from Leaving Cert (Final Year) Exam Students 2016

'My mindset towards the Leaving Cert and Study has changed'
'I've learned how to be  in control of my breathing when feeling stressed'
'I will be more motivated to study'
'I've learnt to believe in myself and stay calm'
'I've learnt how to be mindful'
'I've learnt how to be calm'
'The meditation really let me relax and let me feel free'

Son was pulling hair out March 2017

Hi Caoimhe I just wanted to update you on (Son's name). He is flying along and not touching his hair at all since our visit to you. I got a note home from his teacher to say he's really improving in School and tonight I got a text from his soccer manager to say he can't get over the improvement in him!! (I didn't speak to him at all). I told (Son's name) earlier that we really should pop out to you to say a massive thanks for all your help and he said sure can't I just send her a text!!! I'm so delighted to see his confidence slowly returning. So thanks so much from both of us. We really appreciate all. That's the third one of my kids you've fixed!!'