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Principles of Life Coaching:

Learning to be a life coach totally changed my life and the principles of life coaching can help people of any age with many problems and issues. Here are the principles in short:

  1. Learning to be grateful for everything that you have in your life.
  2. Catch yourself when you are putting yourself down or thinking negatively about things. Your attitude is everything. Changing what needs to be changed in order to live a happier life.
  3. Focus on your goals - what is it that you really want and how to move towards it.
  4. Being true to yourself - how to listen to your intuition and your heart, not your negative self talk.
  5. Self belief - digging deep inside knowing that you can change to be happier.. using relaxing visualizations, imagery and affirmations to assist with this.
  6. Self awareness - realizing what you are doing to yourself with your thoughts, some of this is ingrained, from childhood, beliefs that were never true to start with.
  7. Mindfulness - being in the moment, enjoying every minute, not living in your head.
  8. Not allowing others or yourself to de-rail you on your journey. Moving away from drama, gossip, conflict and towards a more loving, caring, helpful way of life.
  9. Practicing the above or parts that affect you, and not being hard on yourself when you fall down.

A Life Coaching Session:

Life Coaching is usually a 1 hour discussion between the Coach and Client, which is action based, the person leaves with an action plan and some new way of thinking, and/or tools to help them with their issues or problem. It is common to have a follow up session a week later, to encourage and fine tune their new habits and discuss how they got on. A once off session can sometimes be of little use as there is no commitment to change. We receommend a 3 week course of life coaching to see real change.

Picture: A road block - it is explained to all clients that on our road in life sometimes we get stuck, like being stuck behind a road block, coaching helps figure out what the road block is, and how to get over it, around it, or move it out of the way, to help the client to get back on track to being happy or content every day.

Child and Teen Coaching - The Confidence Clinic:

Coaching Children and Teens since 2011 years has been very rewarding and many children are very quick to realize how they can change and improve their lives, some only needing 1, 2 or 3 sessions, for others it may take a little longer it depends on the situation. Pen and paper is used to draw and illustrate what is happening, and to help find the right solution. It is easier for children to open up with a stranger or someone far removed from their family, as there is no emotional bond. The changes can be immediate and very liberating for the child, but it is not magic, they have to practice what has been agreed in the session. They leave with a list of things to do/ practice. They help come up with this list themselves, they have choices, and they are generally committed to it. Children and teenagers who want to come to a session and want help, are the ones who have the most success. Sometimes though, they don't realise they need help until they talk about it. Parents or guardians are welcome to stay and sit in, but only if the child or teen wants them to.

Some issues include (but are not limited to):

  • Lack of Confidence / Shyness
  • Friendships / relationships
  • Bullying
  • Parents separating / divorce
  • Anxiety / worry
  • Distracted in School
  • Moving House
  • New School /College / University
  • Study Motivation - Teens
  • Exam Stress - Teens
  • Career Choices - Teens

You can read our Child Safeguarding Statement by clicking here.

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We follow the ethics of the International Coaching Federation of which we are members. You can read them here

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