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Frequently Asked Questions - Life Coaching

What age group is one to one life coaching suitable for?
One-to-one life coaching is suitable for children aged 6/7 years and over. Before this age, children don’t always have an awareness of their ‘inner voice’. This is an essential component of successful coaching. Our conscious mind develops around the age of 6-7 hence it’s best to wait until then to consider life coaching.

Can my neurodiverse child go to life coaching?
We have helped many neurodiverse children over the years. However neurodiverse children and teens may or may not find the coaching process challenging. Their theory of mind may be different to that of their neurotypical peers. Theory of mind includes abilities such as insight into other people’s intentions, understanding of the underlying rules for interactions and social games, the reading of body language etc. Sometimes life coaching and mentoring can help neurodiverse children to see or understand things they didn’t see before, however it is essential to discuss this fully with one of our life coaches before booking any sessions, in order to decide whether or not coaching is a good fit for your child or teen.

How many coaching sessions will my child/teen need?
There is no ‘rule’ regarding the number of sessions, as we are child-led in our approach. This means that we will tailor our sessions to your child or teen, identifying the issues that we can help them with and then setting some goals around these issues for them to work on. Coaching is action-based, so it is up to your child or teen to work on the agreed goals between sessions. The more they engage with this, the faster their progress will be. We recommend starting with a minimum of 3 sessions, as it takes time to break old unhelpful habits and develop new ones. A single session is rarely enough to bring about any real and lasting change.

How long does a one-to-one coaching session last?
A one-to-one coaching session, online or in person, lasts for 0ne hour.

How much does a one-to-one coaching session cost?
Each session costs €70. This is payable before the session. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, if sessions are cancelled within 24hours of the appointment time, there is a charge of 50% payable.

Will I get feedback from my child/teen's sessions?
Yes, if you wish to receive feedback between sessions, your coach will arrange a time to call you, normally a couple of days after the session. The sessions are confidential, so we will not discuss or disclose the conversations we have, unless the child or teen requests us to. We will, however, give you a general overview of the session: whether or not your child opened up, if they have engaged or not.

How do we prepare for the sessions?
Before your child/teen commences life coaching, your coach will send a registration form for you to read & sign. We must have this returned to us before the first session, as it gives us permission to work one-to-one with your child/teen. If it is a problem to return it online, it can be printed off and brought to the first session.
It’s important that you speak to your child/teen in advance of booking sessions with us, as they need to be willing to come along and open to trying new things or trying to do things in a different way. If they are not willing to do this work, they won’t benefit from the sessions. If you’re unsure of how to talk about coaching with your child/teen, your coach will give you some tips on how to broach the subject in a helpful way. There is no value in bringing them to a session if they don’t know why they are there, or if they are unwilling to open up about an issue. We recommend you wait until they are ready.

Should I ask my child to tell me about the session afterwards?
We do not recommend asking your child about their session. You can ask if they want to continue or not but not what was said. It’s really important for your child/teen to know that this is their space and that it is within their control. This helps them to take ownership of the situation and will empower them. If they tell you about the session of their own accord, then it is a good idea to listen carefully and support them in any way you can. It is important not to remind or nag them about what they are supposed to working on, as this can turn them off. The change needs to come from them.

How does it work to get coaching online?
It works pretty much the same way as in person coaching. Sometimes it suits children who may be anxious to stay in their own home and talk online.
You should make sure that your child or teen is able to talk freely and privately wherever they are. There is no point in giving them this help if they feel anyone can over hear what they are saying or talking about. So a quiet place where they cannot be overheard is ideal. Assure them that this is their time and no one will be around or listening in.

You should set them up if they need help with the technology and leave the room as soon as possible to allow the session to commence. Make sure they know that they need to keep their camera and microphone on at all times and minimize distractions.

Further Questions
If you have any questions that we have not answered here, please feel free to contact one of the coaches and they will be happy to give you he information you need.

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