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Frequently Asked Questions - Camps

What age group are the camps suitable for?
Our camps and classes are suitable for children aged 6 years or those who have finished Junior Infants.  Our conscious mind develops around the age of 6-7 hence it’s best to wait until then. Children who haven't yet started school will find it hard to sit and take part in the discussions.

Can my neurodiverse child go to the camp?
We have had many neurodiverse children at our camps over the years. It will suit a child who is high functioning, or if they attend camps regularly or if your child can handle being in group. However, if your child has a lot of one to one attention in school from an SNA, then the camp ratios and group aspect of the camp most likely will not suit them. If you are unsure it is essential to discuss with us before booking a camp, to help figure out if the camp is a good fit for your child. We do not offer refunds once a place is booked.

What happens after I pay a deposit?
By paying a deposit you have secured a place for your child, you should pay the deposit a week before the camp starts. An email will be sent to all parents about the camp approximately a week beforehand, this will include a reminder for full payment to be made asap.

Can my child miss a day of the camp?
You can miss a day of the camp but there are valuable life lessons twice a day, over the 4 days of camp. There is no refund available for missed days. We recommend not to do too much else in the afternoons or evenings after camp as the children are generally tired.

My child may need more help. How much does a one-to-one coaching session cost?
Each life coaching & mentoring session costs €70 for one hour and we generally recommend 3 at a minimum for 3 weeks in a row. You can book this by contacting one of the life coaches on the website.

How do we prepare for camp?
There is no need to prepare. We will send a reminder email to parents approximately a week before camp starts. We will be mentioning that children should wear old clothes and nothing precious as they may get dirt / paint/ glue / clay on their clothes.  You can tell your child about the camp and show them photos online. Children have a lot of fun and generally make new friends at the camp. It will be a positive experience and we just ask them to come with an open mind. Our first discussion is about making friends and we then get them practicing these skills, so anyone who comes alone, won't be alone for long.

My child doesn't tell me anything afterwards? What exactly will they be doing? A lesson reminder will be sent by email at the end of the camp with all the topics discussed. You will be able to read over and discuss these topics with your child, or use them when needed throughout the school year.

The plan for the 4 day camp is as follows:

Ice breakers and yoga start our day. Each day there are 2 x art and craft sessions (30 mins each) 2 x Games (30 mins each) and 2  x Life lesson discussions (30 mins each). We always end the day with a guided meditation. We have a small break and a longer lunch break in the middle of the day and children should bring food and drinks. Children can bring a blanket and cushion for the meditation, and they can use them for the life lesson discussions. We give a treat on the last day and ask for parents to complete a registration form on the first day with any intolerances / allergies/ diagnoses or difficulties.

My plans have changed I need a refund?
Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund to anyone. This is stated on the website and under our terms and conditions when the booking is being made. Events such as summer camps are costly in set up fees and the most we can offer is that you can change the name of the child attending by emailing

Further Questions
If you have any questions that we have not answered here, please feel free to contact

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