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      Preparing Your Child for the Return to School

      Zoom Webinar

Wednesday 12th July 8:00 pm

We are living in unprecedented times when even we as adults are finding managing our wellbeing difficult. For many young people their anxiety will have peaked during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many will have experienced loss and bereavement or be anxious about their own personal safety. For those children who suffer with separation or school based anxiety the return to an education setting may be difficult and we need to prepare them.

This 90 minute webinar explores practical ways to support these young people’s wellbeing and self-esteem during lockdown through to the transition back into everyday school life. Packed full of workable strategies, it will introduce you to the current thinking around children's anxiety and move onto exploring ways to support young people to manage their anxiety more effectively.

Cost: €15

To sign up get in touch via the Contact page, or call Tracey 087 7937118

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