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 On Line  Parent's Event:

Give Your Child the Gift of Confidence!

Thursday 21st October

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Our children are growing up in a complex world. As parents, we all want to raise them to be happy, confident, capable & resilient. As their first and most influential teachers, we can provide a positive, nurturing support system to encourage the development of the self-regulation and coping skills necessary for kids to grow & thrive. When children feel confident & secure, they are more likely to succeed at school & achieve goals. They are more likely to face up to rather than avoid their problems, to accept and learn from their mistakes and believe they are capable of achieving anything, with hard work and persistence.

This webinar will offer insights into how we enable our children to develop confidence through positive encouragement, expression of individuality & goal setting. We will explain how we, often unknowingly, limit our children's self-confidence by stepping in when we should be stepping back. We will share practical & useful advice on how to help children develop high emotional intelligence and grow into happy, confident, capable & resilient young adults. Bookings: Call/Text 087 7937118   or via the Contact Us page.


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