Child & Teen Life Coaching,Summer Camps, Workshops & Online Courses

Helping Children and Teens to live happier and more confident lives.

If you have a child who is struggling socially, at school, or at home we can help. We provide pro-active life coaching sessions for children, teens & young adults which can quickly improve thinking, behaviour and habits. We offer:

  • One to one life coaching sessions - face to face coaching sessions for children, teens and young adults will resume from June 1st 2021.
  • Workshops.
  • Summer / Easter and Halloween camps.
  • Online courses.

We are a group of Child and Teen Life Coaches working with parents to create positive and lasting change in their child or teen.

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Study Motivation

Jan 3, 2017

I believe as Parents we need to listen more to our children, no matter what their age. I think it helps give our children confidence …

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Letting Go of Worry

Jan 3, 2017

Recently my little girl started School, I was worried about her as she’s shy and a little bit clingy. I was setting up play dates …

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How to be Happy

Jan 3, 2017

Ever feel like doing something good or helping others out and then when you find an opportunity to do it, you feel delighted with yourself, …

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Turning 40

Jan 3, 2017

Date: 6th November 2015 I am turning 40 tomorrow, and I have to say I am very excited about it! I know some people dread …

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New School Year – New Habits

Jan 3, 2017

As another school year rolls towards us, we are reminded of all things new! New uniform, new shoes, new school books and copy books, new …

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Mothers Guilt

Jan 3, 2017

In my experience, all Mothers know immediately what the term ‘Mothers Guilt’ means when they first hear it. I think once we become parents, particularly …

Mothers Guilt Read More »


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