Teresa Argue Profile

Teresa Argue

Hi my names Teresa!

I’m originally from Meath and after some time in Cork I'm now back home in Drogheda. I love having fun, meeting new people and having a good laugh.

A little bit about me

I play the guitar and I’m learning to play the piano, I love to paint lighthouses and boats on the sea. I like any kind of adventure, love walks in the woods and watching the sea especially during stormy weather. I dislike stepping in dog poo, trying on clothes in fitting rooms and bad coffee.


Holistic health, good food, philosophy, India and spiritual speakers plus great movies and popcorn.


I qualified as a life coach 14 years ago. I have worked in the Beauty Industry for many years. My goal is to help children and teenagers to feel better about themselves.


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Carol Mcguinness Profile

Carol McGuinness

Sporty, living in Dublin but still a Cavan woman deep down!

Nina Fitzpatrick Profile

Nina Fitzpatrick

Love chilling out with my son Jack and a nice meal!