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Under Pressure: How Online Coaching Can Help Relieve Exam Stress

The last 9 months have been extremely difficult for all of us. Our lives suddenly and significantly changed in March of this year and since then we have all been trying to adjust to the way we live now. The most difficult aspect for most of us seems to be dealing with the uncertainty…. When will this end?   Will we ever get back to how it was?

The Confidence Clinic has also been adjusting. Before the March lockdown, all of our one to one coaching sessions were done in person, but because of social distancing restrictions that is not possible anymore. So, we began to coach online, via Zoom. Initially, I was sceptical. I really wasn’t convinced that it would be as effective as sitting in a room together – but I have been very pleasantly surprised to learn that it is! In fact, for one particular group of teens, online coaching is proving to be hugely beneficial. This group are Junior & Leaving Cert  students. They are already under a lot of time pressure, trying to fit in after school and weekend study, so coaching at a time that suits them is a huge plus. They are also dealing with the prospect of an uncertain year ahead. They can’t help thinking, will they take written exams or will they receive predictive grades? A lot of them are telling me that they are being tested continuously (as teachers prepare for all possible eventualities) For some students, this can increase stress & anxiety and negative thinking can begin to creep in. Through online coaching, these students can learn ways to deal with any growing anxiety, they can also learn ways to develop and maintain a positive mindset right through this school year and beyond. The benefit of coaching online is, of course, that they don’t need to leave the house. In fact, they don’t even need to put their shoes on. They can be coached in the comfort of their own bedrooms as we come to them, at a time that suits, through the magic of Zoom. This allows us to work with them when they are comfortable, relaxed and receptive. These are the best conditions for learning. Being able to coach students online is just one of the silver linings of lockdown for me, but it’s one that I am very grateful for. Many students are struggling now with a lot of extra weight on their shoulders, and coaching is something that can really help them to carry that weight.

During online sessions we will typically talk about how to stay well, mentally and physically by being proactive and by being mindful of ‘The Big Three’: Diet, Exercise and Sleep and we look at how our bodies and minds are affected if any one of those three is out of whack. We explore what anxiety is, why it shows up and what we can do about it. We discuss the impact of mindset and how a positive mindset can be a protector against worry and stress. Knowledge really is power and giving this information to someone who has been feeling overwhelmed and helpless can be really empowering for them. It can change their perspective and put them back in the driving seat. It can also help them to learn about goal setting and to develop some ‘keystone habits’. These habits can create a domino effect that can change every area of their lives, far into the future.

If you would like to talk to one of our coaches about booking some coaching sessions, please get in touch through the contact page of the website and we will get back to you very soon.

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