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Believe in your goal

The start of a new year can be a good time to set ourselves a goal for the year ahead, but in reality it can be done at any time… March, June, September…. there is no hard rule. So just take a moment and ask yourself what is your ultimate goal in life? Do you have one? Do you want to be something? Go somewhere? Experience something? It could be a new career, loose weight, write a book, meet a partner, have a child, travel the world, live in a certain place, go see a special place, meet an idol of yours.…

If you died tomorrow, what one thing you be your biggest regret, that you could have done but didn’t do?

If it is a realistic goal, something that is within the realms of possibility for you, then why not become more curious about the possibilities of achieving it… I mean start googling and researching, start reading books or articles, do a course, move in some way towards that goal. No matter what you do about it, no matter how small, your actions can gather a momentum. By even just thinking that this is a possibility, you could actually do it; our minds can come up with ways of making it possible. We become creative and open up our minds to the ‘what if…’

If you wanted to get a bit more serious about this goal, you could start to relax and visualise yourself achieving this goal. When I say visualise, I mean find a quiet place perhaps before you sleep at night or when you wake up in the morning, take some lovely deep breaths and relax, close your eyes and in your minds eye – see yourself achieving the goal. Our subconscious mind is a powerful tool so start do this exercise regularly, you need to bring in all of your senses into this visualisation. Really see, touch, feel, taste and smell, in as much detail as you possibly can, in the image… this tricks your subconscious mind into thinking that it has already happened, and then we start to behave, as if we are already there. If we believe it is possible, we act in ways to bring us closer and closer to our goal. If you don’t believe that your goal is going to be achieved, then you will not try any of this… I had a friend who wanted to lose weight, she struggled for a long time, she tried everything, and was beating herself up along the way, I asked her if she believed she could do it, she said ‘No I don’t think I can’ – I told her she may as well give up and stop trying because it’s never going to happen if she didn’t believe she could do it. Belief has an amazing power over us. It can stop us from following a diet, or staying off drink, going for a promotion, meeting a partner. It can make us give up on ourselves before we ever really try. It could go back to our childhood and something that we were told or experienced. Over the years the negative has been imprinted on us – ‘you’ll never manage it’, ‘You can’t do it’ and that is just our own self talk! But we all have the power to change all we really have to do is to start to believe in ourselves…. and take small steps.

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