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Pushing through your comfort zone

We all get comfortable in our comfort zone, its a very nice, cosy, easy place to live. We do the same stuff and know what to expect from life – even when we’re not happy, we stay stuck because it’s what we know, and it could always be worse. I made the commitment to myself in Spring of 2016 that I would create an online course in confidence for kids, and I’d have it done by the end of the year. Oh how hilarious that now sounds (and how naive). Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are people who could’ve done this. But you see I don’t have very good technical ability. It’s laughable sometimes how bad I am with technology – I often can’t even explain what I need help with, I’m just not really cut out for it. Anyway, that same year, I also decided to change my business name to ‘The Confidence Clinic’ – I think within that year I had gotten the domain name and hosting company sorted and starting working on my new website and logo. it was all very slow…. Over the last few years I have got myself into the thick of wordpress (my website), and blogging, creating content for the course: making videos, cartoons, recording audio guided meditations (they even have relaxing wave music in the background!) I mean I really threw myself into it. I was on a mission, but I was way out of my comfort zone and everything took so so so long. (That’s not to mention starting our Summer Camps this year.)

So here I am writing this at 12.15am, I couldn’t go to bed until I put some words down to explain how I feel. I’ve finally released my first online course for Children and Teens called ‘Think Confident – Be Confident’. I’ve sent out the first advert on facebook. I came up with the idea 2 and half years ago! I can’t believe it’s taken me that long to get here… and on the other hand.. I finally got here!!!!!! THANK GOD.

So I know this is a quick one because I’ve got to get some sleep.. here it goes

Top Tips for pushing through your comfort zone:

  1. FED UP – First you have to get so fed up with that comfort – you know there is so much more out there you can do, you know you are wasting your life/brain/talent in the comfort… The desire for more has to become greater than the desire to stay where you are. Also I think for me, having young children and spending a lot of time at home definitely makes you think about all you are capable of.
  2. TALK – You have to start to share your ideas (of what you really want to do) with others and talk about it – it helps you to gather momentum. There is nothing like encouragement. And if you are not getting any, make a mental note not to look for it again from that person 🙂
  3. REGRET – You have to imagine if you don’t do it.. what are the alternatives, can you live with yourself and the regret. Maybe you can? But this was where my determination came from. I didn’t have the option, I had to do it!
  4. FORCED OUT – Our comfort zone can be related to lots of things but sometimes we don’t get the choice we are forced out of it. For example we are made redundant / promoted / move house or country/ have a child or 3!
  5. WE ADJUST – Always remember, when you jump or are pushed out of your comfort zone, and you’re going through the new part (the part we usually don’t like) we always learn to adjust. Humans are amazing. We can get used to just about anything. It may even come full circle and the ‘new’ thing eventually becomes your comfort zone all over again. (I don’t think I’m there yet though).
  6. CHANGE – is part of the cycle of life – it is everywhere, it is life. It is always happening, whether we like it or not.  One of my little motto’s in my head is ‘Life is always changing’ – just think about this in relation to your kids growing up and us, ourselves getting older.. nothing stays the same for long. We may as well just keep learning, adapting and going for it.
  7. TIME – Timing is everything and so is time management. Manage your time and don’t use it as an excuse, our lives are so busy now, but how much time do you spend watching t.v., or on your phone? We can never really say we don’t have the time, maybe we only have small amount of down time but we still chose how we spend it.
  8. HELP – We can always ask for help. No man is an island. I decided on many occasions over the last few years to pay others who had a serious amount more knowledge and expertise than me and I don’t regret it. I think I’ve learnt enough for now!

If you are interested in having a look at the online course for kids and teens please click here. And even if it’s not for you or your family, but you like the work I do, trying to help children and teens, please help me get the word out there, by sharing an ad or cartoon on social media.
Thanks so much

Much love

Caoimhe xxxx


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