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Transition to Secondary School

Since I’ve been life coaching kids and teens, over 7 years ago, there are always a few each year before or after September, that I see who are either

A. Worried about moving into Secondary School or

B. Have found the transition quite hard and need help to settle in and figure out their friendships

This year I was asked to carry out a workshop in a number of schools, to help with that transition period. I jumped at the chance. I think kids today can do with this help, so I’ve put together a short video which summaries the workshop. It is nothing complicated – on the contrary it’s quite simple but it helps with some of the common worries listed below:

Common worries when moving into Secondary School:

  1. Homework – that there will be way too much, even at the weekend and you won’t be able to keep up.
  2. Lost – that you won’t be able to find your way around
  3. Friends – that you won’t know many people and have trouble making friends. Who will you sit beside/eat lunch with etc.
  4. Exams and pressure – yes some even worry about how they will do in exams, and worry about disappointing parents and how to keep on top of the workload for so many different subjects.
  5. Lockers – swapping over books, being organised, not losing your locker key or timetable.

So here is the video – it’s made for the kids to watch or maybe watch it together and have a plan for any ideas you come up with to help with the transition period. Make sure you pass it on to anyone who it may help, and if you’ve received this as a forwarded email, please subscribe to our mailing list to receive part 2 in Sept.

All the best to those starting secondary school this month!

Caoimhe x
Caoimhe O’Grady Tegart : Child & Teen Life Coach
The Confidence Clinic : Empowering Children and Teens


1 thought on “Transition to Secondary School”

  1. Mary Geoghegan

    Hi Caoimhe,

    my 6th class son + myself found your transition to secondary school video v good, thanks! . You mentioned a 2nd follow up one, think for when they have started 1st Yr in Sept, be great if you could forward this to me or anything relevant re situation 6th class pupils in this year due to the panademic. We have seen the lovely video done by well known people with messages for this years 6th class kids + also I participated in Galway, s Planet Youth,s brilliant interactive online workshop for 6th class kids parents + their good follow up video for 6th class kids parents on YouTube.



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