Life Coaching – what’s it all about?

Since I’ve become a qualified Personal and Business Coach, I find myself deep in passionate conversations about Coaching. Completing the course, studying the topic and being coached over many months, has brought a lot of self awareness and with that, it has undoubtedly changed my life for the better. When talking to others the most common questions seem to be about ‘What exactly is Coaching?’ and ‘It sounds like Therapy or Counselling.’

I’m going to try to explain it in a nutshell and hope to do the skill and practice of Coaching justice.

  1. Coaching encourages a person to be true to themselves. To listen to their gut feelings, (or inner self – call it what you want), and their heart and not the head. This can be best done through deep breathing – for some a walk, or run, others meditation or a bath. Voices in our head can lead us astray and convince us to stay on the wrong path e.g. A friend of mine recently told me that she can’t leave her job and follow her dreams because she has to pay a mortgage. End of story. So there is no way to move towards another career or job? It depends how badly you want it. We are very creative especially when we tune into our true selves.
  2. Coaching encourages mindfulness, being in the moment, being present and being here now. No daydreaming, no trying to do a few things at the same time, being totally 100% focused on what you are doing, whether it’s having a conversation, in a meeting, eating something. Paying attention and not drifting off. By doing this the gut feelings that we have can be more easily heard and expressed. e.g. Someone told me she drifts off at meetings where the same boring person complains all the time. She ends up frustrated because she doesn’t speak up or ask questions because she doesn’t want to sound silly – she misses her chance to give her opinion because she’s not really listening. We discussed staying ‘present’ and listening to her gut and speaking up when need be.
  3. Coaching is about not allowing others: events, people, obstacles to remain the reason why we are stuck where we are, and if you’re stuck and there are obstacles, it sounds like you’re unhappy. Don’t take things personally or to heart. Listen to yourself and only yourself.
  4. Coaching is about not allowing ourselves to stop us reaching our full potential in life. What are our talents and how can we best use them. Each of us can be our own worst enemy, putting ourselves down, telling ourselves to do better, you should be earning more, be in a bigger house, have a better job etc. Coaching allows a person to accept and be grateful for all they have, prioritise their goals and get an action plan, a REALISTIC action plan to work towards. And realise that the only person stopping you is you, and the only person who can make you happy is you!
  5. A person may seek coaching for many different reasons, but It doesn’t matter if it is Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Couples Coaching, Sports Coaching, Business Coaching, Child Coaching or Life Coaching. Coaching is based on the same principles. Truth and Honesty with Yourself, Getting over Obstacles, Self-Belief, Listening, Taking Action and Being Present.

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