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Relax, listen and be true to yourself

From time to time, we have to make decisions about our life – sometimes they are not straightforward or easy – should you leave collage or your job, change career, move house, break up your relationship?

If you are faced with a difficult decision and you’re not sure what to do – always remember to trust yourself. You, and only you, hold the answers to your own happiness. Each and every one of us should listen to ourselves, in order to get on the right path to contentment and happiness in our lives. No-one else knows you, as well as you know yourself. So, don’t listen to others, even if you know they mean well and want the best for you.

You may ask: how do I listen to myself? It’s easy! Find a quiet place, where you can have some peace and no interruptions; for some it may be a walk on the beach, for others lying in bed at night, or just relaxing in a chair, wherever you are, breathe deeply into your lungs, fill your body with air and breathe out again slowly. Repeat this until you feel very relaxed.

Then, close your eyes and ask yourself the question that you need an answer to, and give it time. Deep down inside you, is the answer you are looking for … so try not to drift off and think of other things, bring yourself back, concentrate on your question, and keep breathing, and think about what the possible answers are. If you have 2 or 3 choices to your question, think of them in your mind as images (for example you are wondering if you should stay in your current house, or move to another one – your current house is white the new one is red brick – imagine on the left is the white house and right is the red brick) and see which image comes to mind or is stronger or brighter than the others. When the answer comes to you, you may think, ‘I knew all along what I needed to do’.

Additional information may come too, you may have a great new idea, or a solution to a problem. Focusing on your question in this relaxed way this is very powerful, so it is a good idea to take notes of what comes up for you. Your gut instinct and your heart will never steer you wrong, they will give you the best advice for you in that moment – it’s just a matter of quietening your mind and listening.

You may find yourself full of excitement and very giddy, if you have decided there is something you want to do – while you are in this zone set yourself a plan of action and a time frame to reach your goal. It’s best to only share these plans with those you trust, who won’t try to put you off or be negative. Be persistent and determined, the ultimate prize is getting what you want in life and finding your happiness within.

Don’t allow negative thoughts to get in the way of your gut feelings – previous bad experiences, hurt or

disappointment. This is just ‘fear-based’ thinking- your past trying to stop you getting hurt again. However, it will also stop you dead in your tracks. Do not let this thinking prevent you from moving forward. You have the power within you to be brave and follow through on your hearts desires – so listen to it. If you have a gut feeling about something – go with it. This is what listening to yourself is all about and how we can be true to ourselves.

Not being true to yourself is the most common regret of the dying, (Susie Steiner, The Guardian, Feb 2012) Just imagine getting to the end of your life and only living the life others expected you to live.

Now is the time to start, what do you want to achieve before you die? It is all your choice and in your own hands.

Author: Caoimhe O’Grady Tegart – Child & Teen Life Coach.

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